Read This! 04.11.17

A Brief History of M.C. Hammer’s Pants

I think we should give these a shot again.

4 Reasons to Be Glad Life Is Short

I appreciate this perspective.

Being Professional in Ministry?

This is good. There is a way in which professionalization is terrible…but another sense in which it is needed.

Principles for Transitioning to Multiple Elders

Always good to hear how someone else makes this transition.

Why Our Churches Need More Gray Hair


For the Christian Perfectionist

Good words of encouragement.

Seven Habits of Long-Tenured Pastors

I still don’t like calling sheep gnats…but this is sound advice.

Family Photo Stations

I like this idea.

Pastor’s Conference Scholarship Application

Trust me, you need to apply for this quickly. Don’t delay, because it is first come first serve.

This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever watched…but hey, it’ll make you not want to take LSD (hopefully):

Deeply Artificial Trees from artBoffin on Vimeo.