Pray For Your Daughter: 31 Day Challenge

In August we launched the Pray For Your Wife challenge, in October we completed the Pray For Your Son challenge. Starting on January 1st we will begin 31 days of praying for our daughters.

Just as with the P4W and the P4S challenge this will help our prayers to have a FACE:

  • Focus—I need to know what specifically to pray for my daughter or I’ll just keep praying the same things over and over again.
  • Accountability—I need a group of people to keep me accountable and remind me daily to passionately pray for my daughter.
  • Challenge—I need to be challenged to go deeper in the way that I pray for my daughter. A community of others praying will help shape my prayers.
  • Encouragement—Sometimes we pray for things and God’s answer is slower than we like. We need encouragement to keep praying.

If you also need these things and want to pray for your daughter, here are steps to join.

First, join the Pray For Your Daughter: 31 Day Challenge Facebook group. It is a closed group so you’ll have to ask for an invite. If you have any problems email me ( mike [at] fbjasper [dot] org )

Secondly, get the word out. Retweet this post. Like it on Facebook. Do whatever you can to involve more and more men and women.

Lastly, volunteer. I will not be writing all of these prayers. That is were you come in. If you want to help write a few prayers for your daughter, then sign up.

How Will it Work?

Every day I will post a particular focus for our prayers along with a sample prayer. You can comment with your own prayers, etc. Also you will be challenged to “like” that status if you prayed for your daughter that day, as a means of accountability. My hope is that we create a little community where we can pray for our daughters, share our concerns, pray for one another as parents, etc.

I also would love to share testimonies of what the Lord does through our prayers for our daughters.

Don’t worry if your daughter is 5 months old or 65 years old, she still needs prayer.

Will you join us?

UPDATE: Sorry about the confusing references to “sons”. I did a cut and paste job that I thought I had edited but apparently something didn’t save correctly or I didn’t edit correctly. Should be fixed now. 


  1. Thank you for this! Please note that though this is Pray for you Daughter, there are still references to Pray for your Son throughout the post. I will be forwarding to some friends and I don’t anyone to be confused about which prayer cause is taking place.

  2. You still have a “He” instead of “She still needs prayer.”

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