The Seeds Project

seedscover_thumb.jpgThe Seeds Project is different than any other children’s devotional that you’ll find in your Christian book store. I wrote The Seeds Project to fill a gap. There aren’t many devotional books for children which go through one book of the Bible at a time. I want to change that. Our first volume is on Colossians, and I’ve already begun work on Volume 2 on Philippians.

At present The Seeds Project is written for small children and early readers. My seven year old son (who is going on 17) really enjoys the devotions and the activities. I believe any child from about 5-9 would find enjoyment and benefit. But the design is that these devotions would be family devotions. My ultimate goal is to equip parents to do Bible study with their children that is both faithful and engaging.

You can order your copy today.

From Trevin Wax:

As a writer and editor for the Gospel Project, as someone who is passionate about seeing kids learn Bible stories and how they connect to Christ, I’m excited to see Mike’s labor of love come into fruition. I hope these devotionals will help kids learn how to navigate a challenging and often intimidating book like the Bible. But most of all, I pray that through these pages kids will come to know Christ—the Hero of the Bible, the One who saves and sanctifies and who will make all things new.

For Electronic Users

The Seeds Project is an interactive devotional. My guess is that you do not want your children using markers on your electronic device. In order to assist those who have purchased an electronic copy we have provided a workbook for you to print. You can access the workbook for free by clicking here.

Questions or Feedback

As this will, hopefully, be a multiple volume work we appreciate any feedback you can give. I am also available to answer any questions. Please use the contact form provided here at Borrowed Light to address your concerns or feedback! We couldn’t do this project without you.


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