The Resurrection Helps Explain the Cross

For our Sunday School class we are going through The Gospel Project. Last Sunday in the discussion on the bronze serpent, an interesting question was asked: For some people, the idea of salvation through the cross of Christ may seem… Continue Reading

Review of Scandalous by D.A. Carson

Author: D.A. Carson Pages: 176pgs Publisher: Crossway Price: 10.39 Genre: Theology/Christian Living Quick Summary: Scandalous is the book version of five addresses that D.A. Carson gave at a Resurgence conference on the cross and resurrection of Jesus. The five messages… Continue Reading

Review of John Stott–The Cross of Christ

Author: John Stott Pages: 384 pages Publisher: IVP Price: 17.50Genre: Theology/Christian Living Quick Summary: From the beginning John Stott recognizes the impossibility of exhausting that which will take an eternity to unfold. He also acknowledges that the cross is not… Continue Reading