Read This! 02.08.18

25 Most Popular Ice Breaker Questions

I need to memorize these, I’m horrible at small talk.

31 questions to ask for a more Christ-centered 2018

These are worth asking any time of the year.

Whole church care for the elderly and housebound

Helpful pointers in here.

The False Gospel We Don’t Talk About

I agree.

Why I’m Accepting the Nomination for SBC President

Lord willing, I’ll be gladly casting a vote for JD Greear in June

Does the Bible Teach Generational Curses?

It’s a question I’ve gotten a few times.

Under Pressure: When Your Minister Husband is Forced Out

Hope my wife never has to endure this.

Chick-fil-A is Always Closed On Sunday…Except When an Ox Falls Into a Pit

Another reason I really appreciate Chick-fil-A

This looks like witchcraft to me…

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