Read This! 01.23.18

4 Assumptions Pastors Can No Longer Make About Church Giving Patterns

I think this is accurate.

Sabbath as a Sermon for the Ambitious

I agree.

The 8 People Americans Trust More Than Their Local Pastor

I can’t say I blame them. With scandals, prosperity shysters, and political bargaining, we haven’t exactly modeled trustworthy behavior. This saddens me, though.

Don’t Make Your Pastor Groan

I appreciate Jared’s words here.

Who is Your Armor-Bearer?

This is so sad and so true. God has placed a few of these in my life and there are still days/weeks where I feel like I could crack.

On the Evangelical Identity Crisis

Labels really don’t matter. But this is worth thinking through.

7 Ways New Preachers Bat from the Wrong Side of the Plate

I’ve found myself stuck in a couple of these ruts a time or two.

Why Repentant Pastors Should Be Forgiven But Not Restored to the Pulpit

I tend to agree with Jonathan Leeman here.

Dr. Wellum answers, “Are there degrees of rewards and punishment in heaven and hell?”

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  1. I read the one on whom people trust, and I saw a common thread – trusted professions are those that are either government or regulated by the government. It is truly frightening that the government (paradoxically known to be one of the most dishonest organizations) is becoming one of the most trusted. Particularly, the government has enough power to persecute Christians, and they’ve been putting it to use. Frankly, the idea that most Americans trust judges (like those on the SCOTUS) more than pastors is terrifying. This trend needs to change. I recommend the following:
    1. Stop using every military holiday as an excuse to praise the military
    2. Stop using the beginning of the school year as an excuse to praise school teachers
    3. Start actually doing your duty of pointing out the gross, overt sins being committed in and by our government.
    If the churches don’t start doing this, don’t blame me when you jackboots kick the doors of your sanctuary in.

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