Read This! 01.04.18

What Google Knows About Being Human

I’m always interested in what we can learn from Google searches.

How Obsession With You Hurts the Church (and the Youth)

I agree.

The 100 Most Influential Evangelicals in America

I think the list in heaven might be a bit different.

How to Read Through the Bible in a Year With Kids

I love this.

Understanding Where Your Church is on the Congregational Life Cycle

Yes. Outward focus always makes a church more healthy. This is a good illustration of that.

The Preacher’s Proclamation

The whole article is worthy of your reading, but that first sermon illustration is a dandy.

5 Benefits of Pastoring a Rural Church

“It wasn’t my plan to be the pastor of a church with a name that I couldn’t pronounce in a town with more cows than people but I’m glad that it worked out that way.”

In Defense (Somewhat) of Self-Help


If you like to watch people gagging this is your video: