Read This! 12.12.17

The Church’s Fate Is Not Electoral

I tend to agree with the words of Greg Forster here.

‘Mary Poppins’ Is a Subversive Critique of Modernity

Great analysis of a classic film.

2018 Christian Reading Challenge

I’m considering trying this.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Guest Services

Man, we really need to look at stuff like this.

Thou Shalt Not Create Little ‘Christian’ Narcissists

How can we help our students to be outward focused?

Our Pastoral Residency Program Reading List

I love what Liberty Baptist is doing (would love to do something similar). So I appreciate their reading list.

Dealing with Sexual Abuse as the Church

When I first read this I thought it was about sexual abuse in the church. I love this preposition.

Church Discipline Brought Me Home

Love hearing stories like this.

Bill Mounce shares how to translate metaphors literally: