Read This! 08.08.17

6 Keys to Fact Checking Your Own Sermon

And yes you ought to do this.

The Top Ten Surprises New Pastors Have

Having been an associate for so long, some of these weren’t surprises to me as a first time lead pastor. Others I can relate to.

Seven Dangers in the Last Few Years of Your Ministry

Here are a few points on the other end of the ministry spectrum.

The Forces Ripping Families Apart

I tend to agree.

Church, Slow Down the Video Crew

This is helpful. I had never thought about this.

When Husbands Die Young

I have a few friends who are going through this trial.

12 Spurgeon Quotes for When Parenting Feels Hard

And when doesn’t it?

Our Cultural Waterloo

Trueman’s statement that “taste was truth” really stuck in my mind.

This is what happens to “Let it Go” if it goes through Google Translate: