Read This! 07.11.17

10 Content Suggestions for Your Church Newsletter

I really appreciated this as I ALWAYS struggle with what to write for our newsletter. (Which might explain why we haven’t had a newsletter for almost a year).

Observations for Preaching from Binge Watching

Helpful insights.

The Survival of a Southern Baptist

I’m with Dr. Moore on this one. And I don’t think this article really understands how diverse we actually are as Southern Baptist.

The Real Reason We Don’t Read Our Bibles

We should be passionate about Bible reading. But we often aren’t. Brandon Smith believes he knows why.

Angered At and Angered With

I’m loving any reflections from Proverbs, “It is sinful to initiate an angry confrontation, but equally sinful to exacerbate one with an unfitting response.”

5 Reasons Sermons Fail

I thought “preached by Mike Leake” was going to be one of these five.

Man (Or Woman) Cannot Live on Podcasts Alone

Podcasts and being discipled by others we don’t know can be a benefit but we must remember that we were made for so much more.

When Values Collide

I really loved the clarity this article brings.

How Many of the 10 Commandments Have You Broken This Month?

I’m not shocked by this answer.

I had Dr. Whitney in class and he taught well on this: