Reflections on #SBCPC17 Part Three

One of the most difficult sessions to preach during the SBC Pastor’s Conference would be right after lunch. Jamar Andrews was the one selected to preach this session on Philippians 2:19-26 (a text that many wouldn’t pick as their favorite to preach). Jamar brought down the house, though. He faithfully walked through this text and encouraged each pastor with the example of Timothy and Epaphroditus. I loved the emotion with which this brother proclaimed the gospel. He was encouraging and motivating. I mean at one point Jamar called Lydia “Sugar Mama” and he closed by emotionally praying for pastors/leaders who might have been called off the field because of health concerns or other issues.

We also had an historic election after Jamar’s sermon. We elected H.B. Charles the first African American to be the President of the SBC Pastor’s Conference. I’m excited because H.B. is a phenomenal expository preacher. I’m confident that he will continue some of the amazing things built this year. Here’s also hoping that H.B. will consider having Dave Miller be one of the PC speakers next year. Dave can preach.

After Dave Miller interviewed Keith Getty, Jose Abella preached on Philippians 3:1-11. Jose encouraged us to not assume the gospel but to intentionally pursue clarity in the gospel. It was one of those messages where there isn’t necessarily anything new but a constant reminder that we must always go back to the gospel. “If we do not keep the gospel in front of us, it will inevitably end up behind us.” Jose was also very bold in the way he talked about how much Southern Baptists love talking about the revival—but that what will bring revival is the pastor being excited about Jesus. Amen!

Spencer Plumlee closed out the afternoon session on Philippians 3:12-16. Spencer used a powerful visual illustration by grabbing a baton and dropping it on the hard concrete floor. He did this to illustrate the fact that our victory in Jesus is a call to a vigorous pursuit of Jesus. Spencer did a great job exhorting us and encouraging us (as Paul did in the text) and also grounding it in the gospel (as Paul also did).

Off to a brief supper before hearing from Keith Getty!

Here is a little side note that I might write a bit about more later. I’m in charge of the social media for the Pastors Conference. This means I’m constantly keeping an eye on the #SBCPC17 hashtag. You know what’s amazing to me about this year? There is so little bickering and arguing going on. In the past it is much different. Perhaps this is because the focus has been on Jesus and His Word. Very few opinions being expressed.