Read This! 06.22.17

When Should Doctrine Divide?

This is a lengthy article but helpful.

10 Quick Things To Improve Your Church Website

Kind of surprised “move it off angelfire” wasn’t one of them.

A Father’s Example of a Legacy Worth Leaving

This would have fit well with my sermon last Sunday.

Diagnosing and Mortifying the Sin of Complaining

The Lord has been working on this in my heart.

Worship Leading in Real Life

Pretty much every form of ministry is messy.

What You Don’t Know About Rural America

This is so true. I really wish we could put together a good funding model and mechanism for seeing church planting take root in rural America.

Gender and the CSB

Trevin Wax answers some of the questions about the new CSB translation.

How One Deep South Church Left Segregation Behind

Love this story.

Oh, that’s not cool. I wasn’t impressed for the first five seconds…but then: