Read This 06.13.17

The Danger of Small Groups Systems

Valid point.

John Owen on Revival

Some might be surprised at the Puritans remarks on revival.

I Got Pregnant. Kept the Baby and My Christian School Humiliated Me

This is not how to respond. Appreciate that she has kept her faith.

7 Things That Get Harder As Your Church Grows

I think the hardest might be when you are at one of those thresholds and the culture is changing.

Before You Marry, Question Your Relationship

Some great pre-marital counseling questions

Dealing with Detractors

“If you are going to lead anything you will face detractors.” Yep.

Prioritize Your Church

I love this line, “If the local church is central to God’s plan for his world, it is equally central to God’s plan for your life.”

12 Steps to Ministry Burnout

I must confess a couple of these are real temptations for me.

Just remembering better days as a Royals fan and Gordo fan: