Read This! 05.09.17

It is Never Right to be Angry at God. Ever.

Denny Burk tweeted something he didn’t think would be controversial. 

A Marriage Checklist


Ask Good Questions on Sunday Morning

I appreciate that this doesn’t just give a suggestion but also gives some practical helps as well.

The Too-Small Story of Home

Jen Pollock Michel has some excellent thoughts here on the home.

Anne Bradstreet’s Doubts

It’s encouraging to hear how others struggled in the faith.

How to Pastor One Another on a Plural Eldership

This, to me, is one of the greatest reasons for a plurality of elders.

Grace and The Non-Instagrammable Church

I love this sentence: “A message of grace will attract people, but a culture of grace will keep them.”

How Can You Live Without Sex?

This was eye-opening to me. Something I haven’t really thought through much.

We really don’t know much about Bob Ross: