Read This! 03/09/17

Is Chance the Rapper Christian Hip-Hop?

Really appreciate Shai Linne’s work on this.

Heaven Is Not Boring

I once had a secret fear heaven would be boring. Now I’m excited, and JD Greear shows why you should be too.

Wanted: Christians Who Defy Categories


Veggie Tales, Moralism, and Modern Preaching

Much to consider here.

American Evangelicals Need Leaders Like Russell Moore

I agree. And would say the SBC needs a prophetic voice like Russell Moore.

Stop Calling Everything Hate

Yeah…I hate….I mean…strongly disapprove of this movement.

Risks of an Atrophied Sanctification

This is a helpful picture.

Stay-at-Home Mom’s Don’t Waste Their Education


This is Jerry Bridges on Perseverance of the Saints: