Read This! 03.17.17

The True Story of St. Patrick

These come around every year around St. Patrick’s Day, but the story is quite cool.

What Can the Church Learn From Rock Dog

I love what Jared did with this post.

Why Opinion Polls Can Make Us Smug and Dumb

This is interesting.

Battling Burnout as a Pastor’s Wife

It’s not only pastors and other ministry leaders who get burned out…our wives do too.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Down Time

That first one is pretty important. And applies to denominational news too.

You Are Not the Story!


Why Pastors Should Work Hard to Write Well

I agree.

7 Reasons Your Church Members Aren’t Using Your Church Website

One of the projects I want to focus on soon is updating and making our website more useable.

So I Quit Drinking

I really appreciate the vulnerability and balance within this article.

Bacon Taco Shells? Yes, please!