Free 31 Days of Purity eBook Available

Yesterday we completed our 31 Days of Purity Challenge.  It has been a wonderful experience to dedicate an entire month to praying for purity. I was especially honored to partner with Tim Challies for this challenge. I believe many men have been helped this month (and women as they have supported the men in their lives).

Many want to keep the group going. (I’ll discuss whether we are doing that or not in a post later today). I do encourage you to keep your browser pointed to the 31 Day Prayer Challenge site, as the P4P app will be available very shortly. You can also sign up to receive our free eBook below.

To help men continue to pray and pursue purity, and to extend this beyond the initial group, we are making available a free eBook for all those that participated in the prayer challenge. (Even if you didn’t participate you can still download the book).

To download the book simply go here.

Many thanks to Dawn Lamper for graciously agreeing to devote her talents to making this eBook available to you free of charge. You should check out her other work.


  1. My link won’t click through.
    Could you sent it to
    john.j.pethtel AT gmail DOT com

  2. Hi, I’ve subscribed to your blog but not aware how I could get a copy of the ebook. Can you please help? Thanks! My email:

    • Hi Mike,
      Sorry about the previous comment. Found a copy of the ebook in my mail. Thanks a lot!!

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  4. For those unable to subscribe I am manually subscribing you to our email list to receive the book. You should receive a confirmation email from mailchimp today (Will probably say it is from 31 Days of Purity). Then later this evening I will send the eBook to everyone that has subscribed today. Thanks. Sorry for the difficulty in signing up.

    • Scratch that. You won’t be receiving an email from mailchimp but you
      will still be receiving the eBook this evening in your inbox. Thanks.
      Sorry that for some reason the subscribe button is being screwy.

  5. Hi Mike can you please send the ebook to christian[dot]tirtha[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!

    • Nevermind! The PDF link says disabled, but i was able to download the epub version. Thanks!

  6. May I have a copy of the free ebook please? I’ve read through it once now and would love to view it on my Kindle Fire, and share with my sons. Thank you for your ministry and service for Christ!
    Kris S.

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