Today in Blogworld 02.26.14

Is Sexual Orientation Analogous to Race?

This discussion is heating up folks.

Avoid Every Appearance of Evil

1 Thessalonians 5:22 is often used to restrict personal freedoms. But that is quite likely a misreading of the text.

My Evangelical Story Isn’t So Bad

We keep hearing stories of how terrible it was growing up in evangelical churches and why we ought to leave. I appreciate this piece by Derek Rishmawy. He shares his testimony and his thankfulness for evangelicalism.

Is the SBC Positioning Itself to Be Able to Oust Half Its Churches?

I haven’t been able to follow this discussion as closely as I’d like (having been trying to recover from getting two teeth extracted), but it looks to be one of the first big issues that we’ll see at this years SBC Convention.

My son thoroughly enjoyed this grammar lesson. He literally laughed so hard he peed his pants…or did he?

(HT: Aaron)