Free Pray For Your Daughter eBook

This week we will complete the 31 Day Pray For Your Daughter Challenge. It has been an amazing experience to dedicate an entire month to pray for my daughter. I believe other parents have been blessed as well. I’ve heard of a couple families that believe their daughter has been saved during this month.

Many have asked how they could continue praying for their daughters. One way is to keep your browser pointed to the 31 Day Prayer Challenge site, as the P4D app will be available very shortly. You can also sign up to receive our free eBook below.

To help parents continue to pray for their daughters, and to extend this beyond the initial group, I’ve decided to make available a free eBook for all those that participated in the prayer challenge. (Even if you didn’t participate you can still sign up to receive the book).

When you submit your email address in the space below you will receive a free eBook and a few other resources to assist you in praying for your wife. You will receive your book once we complete Day 31. (RSS and email subscribers may need to click through)

Many thanks to Dawn Lamper for graciously agreeing to devote her talents to making this eBook available to you free of charge. You should check out her other work.

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