This Week in Blogworld 10.28.13-11.01.13

Can a true believer blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

I’ve been asked this question many times.

Wise or Foolish? One Simple Test

I tend to agree with this.

10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly

Numbers eight and nine are especially important to remember.

Scary Mercy

How do you continue to serve others when the woman you’ve helped to get clean and get back on her feet returns to a life of prostitution? How do you keep serving others when the young man you’ve mentored not only doesn’t want to stay clean but also doesn’t want to believe in God?

Satan’s Permission to Sift You like Wheat

As one that has felt this, I found great encouragement in this.

The Command to Kill

I love the gritty honesty of this.

This is heartwarming (RSS click through)

Love isn’t afraid to get a little vomity

Ben Reed believes that love isn’t just in the pleasant times.

7 Ways Pastors (and Others) Can Develop Thicker Skin

It’s sad that we need to know this.

Schreiner’s Review of Strange Fire

As typical, Dr. Schreiner models how to write a healthy and balanced review of a heated topic.

Haven’t seen this yet, but hear that it’s quite amazing: