About That John Newton Thing

Friday’s have been quiet here at Borrowed Light. Friday was when I had been spending a Year with John Newton. It was beneficial to me and I think a few people might have been following along. Even if you weren’t reading along, Newton is valuable enough to stand on his own and contribute week after week. But for a little over a month my pen—and the voice of Newton—has been silent on this blog.

Sadly, I just cannot keep up. Until I’m able to somehow get my bearings here I fear that blogging might be sporadic. And rather than just throw something together about Newton each Friday I think it’d be best to wait until I’m in a different season. And so, please accept my apologies but we’ll pick up, and Lord willing finish, our year with Newton at a later date. There is still so much treasure to uncover in the work of Newton.

I hope if nothing else our time with Newton has inspired you to read his works. You can do that without me and I hope you are.

Today in Blogworld 10.09.15

Four Reasons to Have a “Stop Doing” List

This is an interesting concept, to be intentional about what you are not doing.

There Is No Crown Without a Cross for Your Kids

Such a great reminder.

Why Four Gospels?

This is a solid answer to that question.

3 Ways You Might Be Teaching Your Kids the Prosperity Gospel

I think it’d be easy to do.

I’m always amazed at the things people can create with LEGO. This might be the craziest thing yet:

Only Jesus

“You’ll make it into the Promised Land. I’ll send an angel to ensure that it happens, but I’m not going to go”.

You’ve been striving for years to get into this blessed place. You’ve put all your eggs in this basket. Its everything you’ve been dreaming of. And now God says, “It’s all yours, but only one catch—I’m not going with you”.

Do you still go?

The King of kings and the Lord of lords. He came to redeem humanity. He came to be our king.

In John 6 they want to put a crown on his head.

He refuses. This crown won’t do.

They sing Hosanna! They hail him as the new King David! They want to put a crown on his head.

Not yet. This crown won’t do.

The Roman guards mock him. They spit on him. They twist together a tangled mess of jagged thorns and pierce his precious skull with this mockery of a crown.

This will do. This somehow is the Father’s crown. This is the one He’ll wear. Unsatisfied with the luster and pomp of the world’s crown—He wear with pride His Father’s crown of thorns.

Would I want to walk into a Promised Land without the Father’s presence?

Will only the Father’s crown do?

This is what we really mean when we cry out “only Jesus”.

Today in Blogworld 10.08.15

What Pastors Wish Their Worship Leaders Knew

Yep. I think being a worship leader would be a tough calling. Judging from this list you are called to be pastoral, but in a certain sense not too much.

Stephen Colbert on Being a “Fool for Christ”

Trevin did a tremendous job looking into a statement from Stephen Colbert that might have shocked many people.

What Does “Know Your Audience” Even Mean?

I’ve found it difficult at times to really get a feel for the audience here at Borrowed Light, so I found Barnabas’ work here to be helpful.

Ditching the Rhythm

Oh man, I needed this. That is one thing that has been the biggest struggle for me in moving to Southwest MO to pastor a church. I’ve got to somehow learn to ditch the rhythm I suppose.

This is an American Ninja Warrior challenge I might be able to tackle…but this little guy knocks it out of the park: