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25 Awesome Fixes

These people had something not so great happen to them. I appreciate their amazing fixes.

Why Kids Sext

Ughh, I hate that this is reality.

5 Ways To Set Your Heart On Heaven

With help from Jonathan Edwards, Gloria Furman gives us five ways to stamp eternity on your eyeballs.

Why You May Be Tempted to Neglect Your Church

It’s a real temptation. Here are two reasons why people neglect to meet together.

This is my morning work out…or at least **something close.

**by “something close” I mean eating potato chips.

Spurgeon, Hillsong, and “Conversations”

We do not deliberate, for we have decided. To be for ever holding the truth of God, as though it might yet turn out to be a lie, were to lose all the comfort of it. –Charles Spurgeon

Shortly after reading that quote from Spurgeon I read this sad news of Hillsong Church:

At a press conference for the Hillsong Conference in New York City today, Michael Paulson of The New York Times asked Houston to clarify their church’s position on same sex marriage. But Houston would not offer a definitive answer, instead saying that it was “an ongoing conversation” among church leaders and they were “on the journey with it.”

Immediately after I tweeted this:

I still can’t understand why we need an “ongoing conversation” on things that the Lord has clearly spoken on.

Hillsong has since clarified, but my larger point stands. There are some things which do not need an “ongoing conversation”. Or to put a little more meat on that: because God has already spoken there are ways in which we now converse about these issues.

The Importance of Keeping Our Presuppositions

I will readily admit that as a believer in Christ, I have certain presuppositions. One of these is that I believe God has clearly spoken to us in His Word. Secondly, that where God has spoken he is the absolute authority. No questions asked. As a Christian He is the Lord of my life. That means if His Word contradicts me then I must change—not His Word.

What is happening, though, is that many believers are having “conversations” while abandoning these presuppositions. And to those with darkened minds, one cannot have these presuppositions and still be considered a rational human being. Therefore, the Christian “conversation” almost always ends in apostasy. Because once God is removed from the center and I, the interpreter (or the interpretive community), becomes sovereign—God has already been booted off his throne.

If you are a believer there are certain presuppositions that you cannot surrender and still converse like a Christian.

I understand the struggle to which Brian Houston was referring; we want to remain relevant and we want to be able to have conversations with those who oppose the gospel. I get that. But I think the words of Os Guinness are helpful:

By our universal pursuit of relevance we have actually courted irrelevance; by our breathless chase after relevance without a matching commitment to faithfulness, we have become not only unfaithful but irrelevant; by our determined efforts to redefine ourselves in ways that are more compelling to the modern world than are faithful to Christ, we have lost not only our identity but our authority and our relevance. Our crying need is to be faithful as well as relevant. (Prophetic Untimeleness, 15)

God has spoken. Therefore, every other conversation must be subservient to His conversation.

Today in Blogworld 10.20.14

Rethinking Jephthah’s Foolish Vow

It’s a perplexing passage. Here is one way to look at it.

Mark Driscoll Resigns

You’ve likely already heard this news. Be sure to also check out this from Trevin Wax: The Mars Hill Postmortem.

Should You Make Your Kids Read the Bible?

Great question and answer from Erik Raymond.

Pain in Christian Marriage

Marriage can be difficult. Even Christian marriages but we do well to see this too as part of God’s grace and sanctifying work.

Our family has been enjoying this Dear Kitten segment:

Mea Culpa (YWS Week 41)

richardsibbessmallWelcome to a year of reading Richard Sibbes together! The reading plan for the entire year can be accessed here. I encourage you to stick with us, allow yourself time to read, and soak in the riches of this gifted and prolific Puritan preacher. You will be edified and encouraged.

If you have trouble with how Sibbes used words, check out the Lexicons of Early Modern English for definitions from the period.


Friends, this has been a trying week for me (Nick). Thursday of last week my wife fell ill. She went to the doctor Friday who prescribed antibiotics and an order to get to the ER if she wasn’t better by morning. So, Saturday we went to the ER. While being poked, and prodded, bled and tested, the doctors determine my wife was pregnant. Praise God! We were happy for this news but still quite concerned as she was very ill and an in a lot of pain. They switched from their plan of doing a CT scan to an MRI given the pregnancy revelation and found an inflamed appendix. It had to come out.

So it did. We’ve been worried about the health of the baby given the surgery and medicines. Amy is only about 5 weeks along. Amy had some pretty severe pain following the surgery and had to stay an extra day in the hospital before coming home on Monday. Since then I’ve been taking care of her and my son, Gabriel. He’s a four and a half year old boy. Need I say more?

All that to say, Mea Culpa. There will be no Sibbes post this week. Reading the old Doctor was the last thing on my mind as I didn’t remember until last night that I had neglected to read him. If you read Josiah’s Reformation for this week, good! If not, well, no big deal.

I’ll see you here next week when we read The Fruitful Labor For Eternal Food. 

Last week, we read A Rescue From Death.

Next week, we read The Fruitful Labor For Eternal Food.