Read This! 12.28.17

Five Lessons Learned from Counseling those with Anxiety

This is spot on.

Live First, Lead Second

So true.

4 Reasons Every Church Needs Senior Saints

That last sentence says it all: “You’re needed. Please don’t stop serving.”

8 Reasons For Email Newsletter

Worth considering.

What’s the Difference between Lament and Complaint?

This is actually a question I’m looking at in a book I’m working on.

Why Cynicism Is One of the Historian’s Great Gifts to the Church

Oddly enough, this is also part of that book I’m working on.

Should Ministry Be More Fun?

This is true…but difficult. A great goal, though.

Church Planters Are Farmers, Not Rock Stars

I really hope that thoughts like this one help us move that pendulum back to a more balanced approach to church planting.

Should Christians make New Year’s Resolutions?