Read This! 12.07.17

The Sinner Next Door and the Banality of Evil

I really appreciate this piece of writing by Jared Wilson.

4 Phrases for Preachers to Avoid

I’ve been guilty of a couple of these, but as soon as I say them I know that I shouldn’t have.

Sip It, Don’t Dip It

I have to confess I haven’t given a ton of thought to this.

7 Sure Marks of a False Teacher

I think that fourth one and the sixth one are those I notice first.

Five Reasons the Homogenous Church is Declining and Dying

There is a ton of truth to this statistically speaking but here in Southwest MO our culture is still not very heterogeneous.

Sunday School and Small Group: Friends Who Need No Reconciliation

This is the position we are embracing.

What Happens if Catholics Think the Pope Is a Heretic?

Now that’s an interesting question.

Companies Should Ignore Angry Online Mobs More

Yes. We seem to be ruled by a mob mentality these days…or perhaps a fear of a mob mentality.

I know some of my friends will disagree with this, but I appreciate the discussion:

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  1. I was really surprised that a desire for money, sex, or some other worldly pleasure weren’t at the top of the list for marks of a false teacher. It was said that false teachers take advantage of their followers – very true – but that they do so for wealth etc went unmentioned. That worldly motivation is present in everyone from Mohammed to Joseph Smith.

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