Read This! 11.09.17

Avoiding Burnout as a Biblical Counselor

In my experience, those first two are critical.

Why Church Shootings Don’t Intimidate the Church

Amen! I appreciate Dr. Moore’s take on this.

The Problem with Personal Bible Reading

God gave us a wonderful gift in the Protestant Reformation, but our ability to do personal bible reading can also be dangerous.

The Revisionist History of the Gospel

Or why Jesus is building His church upon sinners.

Elijah’s Tree Ministry for Discouraged Pastors

This looks really good.

Lessons for Rural Pastors from Bob Ross

I love Bob Ross.

Our Minds Can Be Hijacked

It should be telling that many of the ones who helped create “the Machine” are now disconnecting from it.

How to Critique Secular Psychology

These are great questions to ask.

I don’t know why they call this “bad” joke telling. These are my favorite jokes: