Read This! 10.17.17

The Cheap Way to Bless Your Pastor

Yeah, that would do it.

Pastor, Keep a Close Watch On Your Life and Illustrations

Helpful tips on using illustrations in sermons.

6 Reasons Pastors and Church Leaders Must be More Courageous Today

I agree on the need for courage.

6 Ways to Steward Your Weekly Screen Time

These are worth looking into.

116 Been Real

I appreciate Piper’s response to Lecrae leaving “white evangelicalism”.

Thomas Becon

I hope this series continues. I love hearing about obscure people in history.

Don’t Freak Out If You’re Not Feeling God’s Presence

I appreciate this.

Why the End of Marriage in Eternity is a Good Thing

I’ve honestly always struggled with this.

Does the Bible have errors or contradictions?

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