Read This! 09.21.17

From Where Does Bad Theology Come?

I thought the answer was going to be TBN.

Be Patient with Your Slow Growth

This is much easier said than done.

Will a Happy Marriage Prevent an Affair?

Wise words.

Tetzel on 7 Years in Purgatory for Every Sin

Man, the gospel is so much sweeter than this.

Four Types of Questions Not to Ask in Your Small Group Study

This is helpful. We are hoping to start small groups soon.

Suggested Steps for Going from Text To Sermon

I follow something similar to this.

Wrestling with the Biblical Text

Wow, this was really good and informative.

7 Good Reasons to Leave a Church

On some of these I might ask whether or not we ought to stay and try to transform, but I would also say these are valid reasons for leaving.

I get this question sometimes, how can I trust the Bible with so many different translations? Appreciate Bill Mounce’s answer: