Read This! 09.12.17

Labor to Stop Laboring

I appreciate Jared Wilson’s comments on Galatians 2:17

3 Things Pastor’s Kids Need From Their Churches

This is helpful. And it’s a helpful reminder for us pastors to in this.

5 Beliefs Upheld by Calvinists Which Don’t Undermine the Doctrines of Grace

That’s a mouthful for a title, but I think it really does help clear up some misconceptions.

When Kids Don’t Bow to Your Idols

I found this really helpful.

5 Benefits to Reading Entire Books of the Bible in One Sitting

I’ve done this a couple of times and it really is helpful. (A bit easier on the smaller books).

14 Major Findings From Landmark Study

There are some interesting findings in this study. Some are deeply concerning to me.

7 Standards for Good Writing

My biggest fear is not accomplishing number 5.

Eight Traits of Outstanding Church Staff Members

I’m praying that we find one of these really soon to be our new associate pastor.

I tend to agree with Dr. Schreiner on this one: