Read This! 08.03.17

When Serving the Local Church Isn’t Fun

I really appreciate this perspective.

John Calvin, The Beatific Vision, and the End of Mediation

This is nerdy enough for my joy.

Are You a Spectator on Sunday Morning?

We need to be intentional about making sure our Sunday morning service isn’t a spectator sport.

Who Were the Galatians?

Tom Schreiner talking about Galatians, means I have to link to it. Also I’d seriously consider enrolling in this class.

Doing More Harm Than Good

Fear of man can make us do more harm than good.

Do Visitors To Your Church Really Feel Welcome?

These are helpful questions to ask.

12 Pastoral Commitments

I like the way Kevin DeYoung turned these descriptors into commitments.

5 Reasons to Consider Online Registration Forms for Guests

This is a really good idea.

It’s pathetic how much I want to do this: