Reflections on #SBCPC17 Part Four

The last session of the Pastor’s Conference kicked off with Michael Allen expositing Philippians 3:17-21. When I preached through Philippians I broke it up a bit differently. I wasn’t sure how Michael would make a whole sermon out of these texts but he did and did a great job. Michael’s main point was on the glory of followership. I really enjoyed how Michael went through telling us about all of those who had mentored him—all those whom he had followed. It’s a great reminder that there needs to be those we are leading but also those we are following. He also showed how Jesus perfectly modeled not only being a leader but also being a follower—following the Father all the way to the Cross.

Bart Barber preached second on Philippians 4:1-9. Wow. This was one of the most difficult for me to Tweet. Bart kept saying things that would be tweetable but I never quite felt like I was doing it justice. He was calling for a reform to the role of deacons as peacemakers—but he was encouraging everyone to pursing being peacemakers. Bart was humorous and engaging through the whole message and did a great job showing how the text in Philippians 4:1-11 wasn’t about Euodia and Syntche but more about the peacemakers. This was such a timely word for the SBC and for our local churches. It was also a timely message for this pastor.

Shane Hall closed out the evening and the pastor’s conference by finishing the book of Philippians. His exposition of Philippians 4:10-23 was phenomenal though his point was simple—Jesus is all you need. What was most powerful about Shane’s message though is that he embodies the message that he was proclaiming. Shane has had a battle with cancer and was informed in November that his cancer had returned. He noted that nobody wants to go to the school of contentment because it means you get stripped of everything. But Shane is in that school and he is finding that Christ is sufficient. We closed out the SBC Pastor’s Conference by praying for Shane.

What an historic event. A small church pastor leading the Pastor’s Conference with several other small church pastors. I’m still a bit in awe I think that we were able to pull this off and that I was a very small part of the event. I’m honored that Dave chose me as one of his minions to serve Southern Baptists in this way. I might have a few more reflections, but for now that’s it.