Read This! 05.18.17

Fast from Food, Not Facebook

I appreciate this article on fasting. A bit convicting too, I might add.

Southern Baptists and Conventional and Cosmopolitan Cultures

This is about as good of a commentary on this as I have seen.

3 Reasons Cuckoo Clock Leadership Is Ridiculous

Helpful image, and I think he’s right. Such leadership is a mirage.

Aren’t There Already Enough Churches?

Heard this objection to church planting quite a few times.

Is There a Silver Bullet of Sanctification?

Nope. But we sure think there is.

Was Jesus Ever Ill?

What do you think?

Eight Signs Your Church Might Be Closing Soon

“Death spiral” is a scary term and it’s one we should avoid getting on.

The Best Discoveries Begin as Proverbs

I’m preaching through Proverbs so I found this really beneficial.

Our family just discovered this video a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it:


  1. You are incorrect in your notion that their is not a “crusade to undermine the Bible”
    If you have the Spirit of Truth
    than perceive this Parable:
    Because it proves you wrong.
    Matthew 13:25

    • I’m not sure what you are talking about. I’d say there is a sort of crusade to undermine the Bible. So, I don’t know what you are referencing.

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