Read this! 05.16.17

10 Strengths (and 10 Dangers) of Systematic Theology

I totally agree with this. Systematic Theology can be either helpful or harmful.

Sleep Disorders & The Glory of God

Many will find this helpful.

How the Average American Spends Their Days

There is probably a good deal of commentary we could make on this.

The Case for Free-Range Kids

Well, I guess if it’s beneficial for our chickens free-range maybe our kids could be too.

You Can Defeat Distraction

We must “set our minds”.

H.B. Charles to be Nominated SBC PC President

Excited to hear this news. Has to be better than the lame duck PC President we have now. (For those who don’t know, that’s a joke–I’m friends with Dave Miller…or was…)

How I Research Books

Always enjoy the behind the scenes look at how other writers do it.

How to Handle an Ineffective Church Staff Member

I hope this article isn’t helpful to you.

Marriage Wounds

I absolutely love this reflection on marriage.

This is pretty close to my view: