Read This! 04.18.17

When to Stop Chasing Your Dream

This wouldn’t fly very well on TBN but I think it’s wise and biblical.

Lies at the Heart of Addiction

It’s helpful to know what lies the addicted person might be believing.

Some Errors Avoided by a Right Doctrine of Sanctification

I tried point out some of these in the sermon on Sunday.

7 Things Pastors Wish Their Congregations Knew


Benjamin Franklin’s Misplaced Hope of Resurrection

The history nerd in me loves this, the pastor in me mourns this.

Pandering to Millennials?


4 Ways Satan Uses Christian Generosity for Evil

It’s a bit of a strong title but I think it’s important to consider.

The Intrusive Neighbor

This is convicting and difficult for me.

What Do You Do When You’re In the Pit?

Helpful suggestions.

Ever wonder why Bibles are printed with the text in two columns?