Read This! 02/07

When You Feel Spread Too Thin Relationally

I appreciate looking at things from this perspective.

The Council of Nicea Rap Battle

I’m a nerd, so naturally I love this.

Overcoming 5 Types of Anger

I think this distinction between types of anger is helpful.

Improving the Effectiveness of Online Sermons

We are looking at our website and thinking of incorporating some of these ideas.

Encouragement for Discouraged Pastors

Needed this.

To Be a Diaper Changer

Nick is correct.

I Have Deleted Politics From My Digital Life

That fourth step might be the most difficult but one that I’m getting close to taking.

7 Questions to Ask Before Posting About Politics on Social Media

The previous article is necessary because articles like this one aren’t followed.

Pastor, Are You Okay?

I’m grateful to have folks in my life who ask this question.

I guess fainting goats don’t do so well with exercise balls:

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