Today in Blogworld 04.25.16

3 Things Pastor’s Kids Need From Their Churches

Barnabas Piper’s book on The Pastor’s Kid was so helpful for me as a pastor to think through how to protect (is that the right word?) my children.

Preaching and Preachers Podcast

Here is a new podcast. I think it just takes it’s name from the MLJ book,  but should still be helpful to pastors.

God Broke Antinomianism For Love

Steve Furtick’s “God broke the law” speech is out of the news now, but I still wanted to point you to Jared Wilson’s response—it’s a great model of engagement.


I’ve been using this language a bit in church, and I think it’s been helpful.

I was somewhat interested in politics for a couple months—but I’ve turned it all off since about February. I did find this funny though: