Today in Blogworld 04.18.14

The 4 Stages of Writing and 3 Mistakes We Make

This is true. I’ve made these mistakes several times.

Why Pay the IRS When Jesus Has My Heart?

This week was tax week. Timothy Paul Jones reflects on Christians and tax paying.

8 Things Healthy Couples Don’t Do

Just don’t read this article with your spouse during your ‘together time’.

Pastor, Will You Burn Out?

There is a great question in here. “When was the last time that you had fun?” Answer that question and you can likely answer the other one.

I’m old. This proves it:


  1. Really, Mike? If you are old, I am REALLY old…. Just remember, there is always someone older than you and someone else who is younger (same with richer/poorer, handsomer/uglier, you get the picture). Think of it this way – you have knowledge and skills these little pip-squeaks do not. 😉

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