Today in Blogworld 04.04.12

40 Joys Through Jesus

David Murray has found in the Scriptures forty joys that we have through Jesus.

Platt Wasn’t Enough for My Church

And unless you go to Brook Hills he isn’t enough for your church either.

Are Your Efforts to Contextualize the Gospel All About You?

This is an interesting question and something I’ve wondered myself at times.

The Fault Lines Before the Evangelical Earthquake

I really wish that Trevin Wax was wrong here—but I don’t think he is. And yet that fact still gives me hope because I know that the Lord loves His Church and whatever happens will ultimately end in His glory and our good.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be Superman this might help:

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  1. Sobering article by Trevin Wax. Praying to remain faithful when the earthquake hits.

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