Today in Blogworld 02.24.14

Profile on Lecrae

This is a lengthy but very interesting profile on rapper Lecrae. It’s unfortunate that he is receiving so much flack. I haven’t noticed anything in his music or even witness that would cause me to think that he is selling out.

A Brief Look at the 9Marks Series

If you are looking for a spot that briefly summarizes and compiles a list of the 9Marks library this is your link.

On Weddings and Conscience: Are Christians Hypocrites?

I haven’t given a ton of thought to this yet, but I believe I need to start. This will be one of the articles that I really reflect on whenever I put together my thoughts.

Christians Don’t Give Up on the LOCAL Church

My friend Sam has written a nice piece here. He helps us consider the impact of driving out of our local community to attend a church.

Finally got to watch The Lego Movie this weekend. So I thoroughly enjoyed this blooper reel as well: